Geon Senesis Kevangelion

Return of Biggest Anime Server

(actually, let’s call it Genshiken Server from now on)

Yes it’s back!
Image Board is still in maintenance though.
Forums (local only):
Image Board (local only):
FTP (local only, donor only):
FTP upload (local only): (hostname:, port: 555, user anonymous)

However, there’s a bad news: 90% chance hd3 (aka Hayate) will have to be formatted (or worse, RMA-ed) since it’s got bad sectors…

Connection guide coming soon (or later)…

update: image board up but still need some testing

update #2: hd3 has just sent today. Hopefully I’ll get the repaired unit next week

update #3: upload address updated because of Comlabs’ faggotry firewall

update #4: hd3 has returned (empty, of course). Will be placed back sometime this week