Pop Culture Enthusiast Club


So, how our situation right now? We were starting our cosplay team (again). Yes, the last time we join cosplay event was like 2 years ago? it was Fate / Stay Night, cmiiw. And this time we gonna take Lelouch and the Black Knights, yay.


anime-rg is on its joint project right now. subbing Yoiko. Well, “joint project” is not really fit since most of the works were done by ray=out (hi, alchie…). I don’t know, but almost all former anime-rg staff were seems busy right now, they hardly to have a meet up even at IRC. And I can’t counting on the new staff yet, for various reasons . Our project lists on the left is not really up to date. So please, visit us on http://rgfansub.wordpress.com or join or idle at irc://irc.rizon.net/anime-rg. FYI, we have new fansub/scanlation team called fuwafuwa, http://fuwaplus.wordpress.com.


Our Creative Division just got a lot of talented new staff, from experienced game developers, to monstrous illustrators. We were preparing our projects gallery, it might looked like image bulletin board, repository ,or something. For now you can take a look at Erneiz_Hyde’s story, or visit http://storiesofsakura.wordpress.com for our latest “gattai story” project.


Most of our documentation were stored either locally or on our group at facebook. I had a plan to placed some of our pictures/video right on this site, but I think we have to do some layouting first. Like customizing this drupal theme or something.


And about the content. We have some contributors right now, they might put some articles or random babbling. Just wait.